Eating local is healthy, but not just because local food is typically organic and pesticide-free. There is that, of course. Healthy eating is a big part of what Groundbreakers Collective is all about, but there’s more, too. We want to develop healthy communities with strong local economies and a sense of environmental responsibility by supporting food production close to home. Here in the Bulkley Valley, we’re a long way from the developed Lower Mainland and it’s our vision to make sure our communities are self-reliant and sustainable.

Groundbreakers Collective works with individuals, farmers, businesses, and community groups to provide the community as a whole with an opportunity to learn about local agriculture and support it in the process. We offer an annual Harvest Box Program, educational workshops (including hands-on learning opportunities), and we’re developing demonstration gardens in the town of Smithers, where anyone interested can come learn the basics about growing food in the Bulkley Valley.

Our core values are all about people. We believe that the strength of a community lies in its residents and that connecting them through locally produced food is the most natural and healthy way to create a sustainable future.